Nursery Rhymes Are A Start To A Solid Educational Foundation

Studies have shown that there is a very strong indication of children learning a classic version of nursery rhymes to become strong readers and a good speller. The more nursery rhymes that a child learns, studies have agreed that this has increased their literacy abilities. Nursery rhymes have numerous benefits when teaching to young children. It helps to increase the child’s ability to wait and listen closely to them that help the child’s memory and predict what’s going to happen. When playing Nursery rhymes via video with the words at the bottom this only continues to help the child to learn how to read and follow along.

Strength In Visual

Although nursery rhymes are beneficial as a whole, to have a child just listen to the nursery rhymes is the weakest form of learning. Children who just listen to nursery rhymes are at a disadvantage when entering school. The combination of visual and movement that video provides helps a child to develop quickly. Popular Kids rhyme videos with words on the screen will allow interactive play as the child will clap and sing along with the video.

Patterns And Sequence

The simple patterns and sequences found in nursery rhymes will help the child to learn simple math skills. A lot of nursery rhymes use numbers, counting, and other math functions that the child will need to know. Nursery rhymes also introduce the child to alliteration and imaginative imagery. A child will hear a nursery rhyme and act out what they think the character in the nursery rhymes is doing. A lot of times they are following actions they see on the TV screen.

Physical Development

As a child sings along with the nursery rhyme it helps that child to strengthen their mouth and tongue muscles, as they form the different sound that the words make. As the child claps along with the nursery rhyme and attempts to dance to the simple beat, this helps the child with their coordination. Overall nursery rhymes allow the child to have some fun and play, this gives the child a workout helping them to develop their bodies.

Language Development

When watching and listening to nursery rhymes, a child is introduced to new words that are not used in everyday language. For instance, in the nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill, you will find the word “fetch” as in “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water” this helps to expand A child’s vocabulary. Because nursery rhymes are short and sweet, they’re also the first sentence structure that the child will encounter. The introduction of vowels and consonants are done through the simple songs of a nursery rhyme. By singing along with the nursery rhyme on the computer or the television screen helps the child to practice their pitch and volume. There are so many hidden treasures in the timelessness of nursery rhymes, it is encouraged to play them often to your child and with your child.