How To Be Happy Every Day in Life

During the cold winter months, it is especially easy to feel a bit down. People tend to report they feel less motivated, have an increase in sleepiness, and tend to want to stay home and be less social. If you notice that you have started to feel this way, do not fear as happiness is here. There are a few simple things that can be done around the house and in your mind that will help these dark months turn into bright smiles.

Good Environment:

The simplest thing you can do is buy an air freshener. Many stores sell self-timing air fresheners that have a variety of scents that you can choose from and they are small enough to put anywhere in the house. Put one in your living room or kitchen for those are the rooms people spend the most time in and buy a lavender scent. Lavender helps release stress hormones and will cause a decrease in toxins in your brain. With a lower level of these, your body will start to feel more open minded.

Purchase a humidifier:

Winter makes the air dry, and this will cause you to lose sleep. Purchasing a humidifier and placing it in your bedroom while you sleep will create a cool and comfortable atmosphere. You will sleep better and a well-rested body tends to be happier.

Don’t go to bed angry:

Try to get rid of pent up irritation or anger before you go to sleep. Expressing these small annoyances as soon as they occur will keep your mind balanced and more open for positive thoughts. Also, holding onto anger at night will create a harder time sleeping and often will affect your outlook on the next morning.

Go outside. Going outside for a quick 10-minute stroll can help increase your happiness. Studies show that 10 minutes outside can raise happiness levels by 20%. The fresh air allows your mind to relax, and a change in environment from the indoors lets your body relax and let out negative toxins. It also keeps you healthy.

These four simple things are great begging tips on how to be happy every day. So take these into consideration the next time you feel that grogginess coming back and be able to fight it with a smile on your face.